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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Win a bottle of PK4 Australian Clear!!

How to Win! 1). Comment here about your experiences. 2). Press Like on this page and on Facebook at and leave a comment there. 3). Share on your facebook page. When I reach 100 likes I will randomly pick a winner for a free bottle of Pk4 Australian Clear! Stop any pain now Buy 3 of the 8 ounce bottles get 1 free! Save $59.95 and get free shipping thru the end of Janurary.

1 comment:

  1. I'll tell you how we use Pk4 Australian Clear in our family. We spray Pk4 Australian Clear on for back and neck strain and pain, arthritus, knee and foot pain, restless legs at night. I use Pk4 Australian Clear in the kitchen if I get burned (the blister has never filled with fluid after I sprayed Pk4 on) The kids always ask for Pk4 when they get bumps, scrapes and bruises. When the kids are coughing at night i'll spray a lil Pk4 Australian Clear on their stuffed animals or the corner of their blanket (being careful not to get it in their eyes) and Pk4 Australian Clear quiets their coughs quickly, I can sleep and they get better quicker. In a pinch we use Pk4 Australian Clear to disinfect a scrape or cut, after washing it thouroughly with soap and water if it's available. There are too many uses for Pk4 Australian Clear. If it involves pain then Pk4 Australian Clear will Stop It! This an all Natural 100% organic essential oil spray that will easily take away any pain. Order Now Call me at (269)501-2927


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