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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lot's of people are getting relief from their pain this year !!!

Christmas is over, and I hope all those extra bottles of PK4 Australian went to your loved ones that needed some relief!! We had a busy season and My family and I had a great time helping ring the bell for the Salvation Army on a few occasions. It's nice to know that you can help someone that needs it. The kids really liked it!! We brought dum dum suckers for them to give to the little ones passing by. Anthony saw a few of his freinds from school and Graylee chased people down to give them a sucker LOL!! It was soo cute, I had to laugh every time he did that! Well, I'm still letting the world know that there is relief out here for the suffering their going thru. This is the WORLDS BEST PAIN KILLER !!!

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